Seventeen the Famous K-Pop Boy Band: New Album

Seventeen the Famous K-Pop Boy Band: New Album

People are talking a lot about Seventeen the famous K-pop boy band, and their new song “Seventeenth Heaven.” Come with me as I talk about this new EP and how Seventeen is getting records.

Seventeen the Famous K-Pop Boy Band: How to Break Records in Style

Seventeen the Famous K-Pop Boy Band: New Album

The 11th EP from Seventeen, Seventeenth Heaven, has been pre-ordered more than any other K-pop mini record ever! They broke the record set by Stray Kids with their album “5-Star,” which had 5.13 million pre-orders, by selling 5.2 million pieces.

World Dominance

Seventeen’s label, Pledis Entertainment, was happy to say that the group is dominating music charts around the world. Seventeen was the first boy band in 2023 to have a song on the top of South Korea’s Melon Top 100 chart. The song “God Of Music” This chart is usually controlled by girl groups, which shows how successful Seventeen is.

iTunes Victory

On its first day, “God Of Music” was number one on the iTunes top hits chart in 29 countries, which is a pretty big deal. Also, Seventeenth Heaven topped the albums chart at Line Music and the top of the iTunes top albums chart and the K-pop albums chart in Japan.

Ascend to the top

There are 13 people in the group Seventeen. Their first release was the EP “17 Carat” in 2015. Since then, they’ve been steadily getting bigger and better, hitting new heights with each new album.

Seventeen the Famous K-Pop Boy Band: Stray Kids’ Awards

Even though Seventeen is having a great time, at the 2023 Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards, the Prime Minister praised the K-pop group Stray Kids. This prestigious award honors people and groups that make a difference in the arts and pop culture scenes in their area. The band Stray Kids thanked their fans for their support in a press release, stressing how much they wanted people to enjoy their songs and performances.

Seventeen the Famous K-Pop Boy Band: Stray Kids’ Great Year

Stray Kids had a great year. Their world tour show call “Maniac” at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles sold out. They were the first K-pop group to open for Pink at Lollapalooza Paris in July. When their third album, “5-Star,” came out in June, it sold over 4.6 million copies in just one week. And it stayed at the top of the Billboard 200 chart for a record third time.

Seventeen the Famous K-Pop Boy Band: In conclusion

Seventeen’s “Seventeenth Heaven” and Stray Kids’ wins at the 2023 Korea Popular Culture. And also Arts Awards show that K-pop is still popular and has an effect on people all over the world. While these skilled groups keep making history, K-pop fans all over the world can’t wait to see what the future holds for these rising stars.