Ashley Roberts Awesome Time in Miami: Bikinis, Dinners, and Romance

Ashley Roberts Awesome Time in Miami: Bikinis, Dinners, and Romance

Who is having a great time in Miami? Yes, that’s Ashley Roberts, and her most recent Instagram Story is getting a lot of attention. The 42-year-old Heart FM host wore a beautiful string bikini with a halter neck that made us all wish we were on vacation with her.

Ashley Roberts getting the Miami vibes: bikini fun on Christmas Day

A lot of us were still getting over the holidays, but Ashley Roberts was in Miami enjoying the sun. On Christmas Day, her Instagram Story showed her in a cool string bikini with a halter neck. This shows that her dance moves have kept her looking great. Fans couldn’t get enough of the Miami magic, and the black swimsuit showed off her great shape.

Merry Christmas in Florida: Looking Good in Red

She shared a festive selfie on Christmas Day after spending the holiday in Florida’s second-largest city. With her stylish red shirt, she made everyone feel like it was the holiday season. Ashley is stylish and comfortable at the same time, even during the holidays.

At Carbone, where stars eat and hang out

Ashley Roberts went to Carbone, a famous Italian restaurant where famous people often go after a day at the beach. Carbone has pop stars like Justin Bieber and the Beckhams as guests at his places in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong. Ashley enjoyed her fancy dinner at this spot on Tuesday, where a lot of famous people hang out.

The Mystery of George Rollinson’s Miami Adventure

George Rollinson, Ashley Roberts boyfriend, was in the middle of her holiday fun. George shared a picture of himself with a Carbone menu and the location of his trip to Miami, but it wasn’t in her Story. Ash’s friend George, who is 17 years younger than her, has become very important to her. They told everyone about their relationship while on a romantic trip to Dubai in November.

Making Memorable Moments While Dancing at the Faena Hotel

The next stop on Ashley Roberts Story was the Faena Hotel, which is famous for the huge sculpture of a mammoth made of gold by Damian Hirst. Ashley couldn’t help but dance to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” in the hotel lounge, which had live music. It looks like Ashley and George are having memories they’ll never forget in Miami at night.

In search of love, Ashley goes from Dubai to Miami

Ashley Roberts relationship with George Rollinson became public in November, while the two were on a romantic trip to Dubai. Following her split from Giovanni Pernice, a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, in 2020, Ashley found love again. The couple has kept things quiet, only giving fans sneak peeks on social media. George, who is a very good artist, adds to this growing love story.

Ashley Roberts thinks of Miami as days at the beach, fancy dinners, and dancing on the spot. Fans can’t get enough of how warm and happy her holiday adventures are as her love story with George keeps going. Get ready for more crazy fun in Miami with Ashley!