[SPOIL] chapitre #916 spoiler

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[SPOIL] chapitre #916 spoiler

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Merci à Den Den Mushhi du forum Oro Jackson

Title: The Great Sumo of Wano

Urashima is enraged and attempts to strike Kiku
Luffy intervenes and repels Urashima’s attack
Luffy is temporarily introduced as a sumo. His combat experience? Complete victory against Usopp.
Holdem attempts to pinch Tama’s cheeks but this yields no result. Tama begins to cry.
Holdem calls the Kozuki clan an evil clan that were going to destroy Wano 20 years ago.
Law and the Heart Pirates are shown. Law has been undercover as a doctor.
Luffy sends Urashima flying and he crashes into Holdem’s estate
Holdem’s lion takes Tama in its mouth.
Hawkins arrives, drawn by the commotion
Law sees Hawkins arrive and becomes irritated/anxious

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Re: [SPOIL] chapitre #916 spoiler

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Nouveaux détails ( source : Redon d'apforums.net)

- Color Spread is tittled "Stylish Summer". We can see all Staw Hat crew in summer scenes: Nami very sexy in the front with a bi, Robin, Brook and Usopp in a BBQ, Luffy trying to hit a watermelon or Chopper with fireworks.
- Luffy stops Urashima attack to Kiku making his hand bigger.
- Urashima attacks Luffy constantly but Luffy avoid all his attacks with Haki.
- Holdem pinchs Tama’s cheek with a tweezers.
- Luffy defeats Urashima with a Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol, his hand is like all Urashima body.
- Urashima flies away, destroying a lot of houses.
- More Drifters appears, one of them is Rabbit Smile user that has a cute rabbit face in the chin lol
- Luffy, Zoro and Kiku defeat them.
- Finally Holdem appears with Tama in lion's mouth. At the same time Hawkins appears too.

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Re: [SPOIL] chapitre #916 spoiler

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Le chapitre chez Jaimini's box :

https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one ... 916/page/1

Luffy a vendu son âme au diable !! (couv du jump)