[SPOIL] chapitre #915 spoiler

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[SPOIL] chapitre #915 spoiler

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Chapter 915 Boluo Town
Cover Page "Retirement from Pirating - Dyed Goods Craftsman Bellamy"

In Boluo town, there is a sumo tournament undergoing.
Urashima is eating inside of a diner with a Gifter, Mouseman, a user of a Mouse SMILE.
When Urashima mentions how he wants to make O-kiku his own, Mouseman advises him to take her away by force as its his right as a descendant of a samurai.
A pleased Urashima throws away his food on the ground. He hurriedly rushes to the owner of the diner and demands, "I love tanuki, so prepare a dish of the tanuki you own as a pet!"

O-tama is brought to a certain residence. Inside there, is a one of the headliners, Holdem, a user of a lion SMILE. On his stomach there is a face of a lion, and Holdem and lion are frequently roaring.
The reason why Holdem had O-tama kidnapped was became of her ability. Holdem, who is interested in an ability to tame animals, orders a subordinate to pinch her cheek like he was pulling on it.

Luffy and the others have arrived at Boluo town's main gate. Luffy yells in a loud voice that they are here to save O-tama, and O-Kiku panickingly stops him. A bunch of ronin come rushing over after hearing the outburst, but Luffy knocks them all of them out with Haoushoku Haki.
As they arrive at the center of town, a sumo wrestler comes flying towards them.

Deep inside the town, there is an event undergoing where anyone can obtain 500 pieces of gold if they can topple Urashima.Upon discovering O-kiku, he rejoices as she has undoubtedly made up her mind to become his bride. All of his fangirls seethe with anger at this. He orders his disciples to bring her to him.

O-kiku attempts to hide behind Zoro's back but is unable to fully hide herself as her body is too large. Not wanting to slice naked men, Zoro lets them pass by, and O-kiku is easily taken. The townsfolk become angry about a girl from an outside tea house is in the town.

Urashima angrily yells that no matter whether it is they commoners or a lowly servant, it's his liberty whether they live or die. Urashima attempts to embrace with O-kiku, but O-kiku unsheathes her sword.

O-kiku cuts off Urashima's topknot. Luffy becomes excited as things are becoming more interesting.


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Re: [SPOIL] chapitre #915 spoiler

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