[SPOIL] Interview d'Oda

Préfixé de [SPOIL] si nécessaire et sans informations dans le titre ;)
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Re: Interview d'Oda

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Visiblement c'est un fil conducteur chez Oda ! Ça doit forger la jeunesse !
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Re: Interview d'Oda

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Ca serai bizarre comme révélation, Doflamingo était le personnage principal pendant l'arc précédent, qui était un des plus long du mangas, et dans l'arc suivant, on découvrirait son neveu caché ? Ca m'emballe pas.

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Re: Interview d'Oda

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A mon avis. Oda prépare le plus gros troll du manga avec cette histoire. Duval puissance siècle oublié.

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Re: Interview d'Oda

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Genre après avoir fait disparaitre Sanji des radars pendant près de 80 chapitres et ne pas l'avoir fait particulièrement brillé, même s'il a eu de bons moments après l'ellipse, Oda va s'amuser à troller encore une fois Sanji...ça serait vraiment naze.

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Re: Interview d'Oda

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Ah non mais je pense que Sanji sera au centre de tout et qu'il fera des truc badass, je pense juste que son "alive" est une farce bien ficelé.

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Re: Interview d'Oda

Message par Kdom »

Une interview d'Oda dans un supplément paru aujourd'hui au japon

Source : http://apforums.net/showthread.php?t=42 ... ost3674492

- Oda used to say that all he needed was coffee and cola 4 years ago. But now Oda pays attention to his health.
He makes it a rule to drink water 2 liters a day. He thinks he can stay healthy if only he drinks much water. He sometimes exercise on fitness equipments in his studio.

- Oda usually sleeps for 3 hours a day. Oda doesn't want to spend much time on sleep since he is busy.
He can sleep as much as he wants only after the day he finishes drawing every week. But he can't sleep much recently due to aging.

- The interviewer asks Oda if he has some health issues now that he is in his 40s.
Oda answers that his health is not good, but he can come up with an interesting manga thanks to his short sleep and final push in his works.
Oda thinks it would be great if he can draw a good manga with 8-hours-sleep.

- Shueisha allows him to take more breaks these days. Oda wonders if this is because they are worried that ONE PIECE might come to an end due to his health problem.
Oda got hospitalized after he works in Film Z. He thought the staffs finally noticed that if he worked too hard he would be down, but after all he got involved in ONE PIECE Film again...

- There are too many things Oda wants to draw, so he merges the themes of islands. For example, Punk Hazard is originally consisted of fire island and ice island.
Dressrosa is originally consisted of dwarves island and passion island. But as opposed to his expectations, it took him twice the time than usual to draw these arcs.

- According to Oda, ONE PIECE is about 65% done. Oda says it is a fight between his lifetime and the ending of ONE PIECE. He says he needs to have the courage to reduce his ideas.

- After finishing ONE PIECE, Oda wants to go on trips like Buratamori.
(Buratamori is a popular TV show in Japan. In the show, an old man named Tamori, who was too busy to go on a trip for 30 years, visits various kinds of regions in Japan and introduces interesting information about it.)

- Interviewer asks Oda if he intends to draw manga again once a month after finishing ONE PIECE, but Oda instantly denies.

- Oda "I am happiest if kids enjoy reading my manga. But since my audience are getting older, it would be great if they read ONE PIECE with their kids."

- Oda "ONE PIECE is focusing on Sanji now. Be sure to look forward to the future story!"

- Oda "When Kaidou appeared for the first time, I said that Luffy can't defeat such a strong character yet. And I'm yet to know how Luffy would defeat Kaidou.
Probably my audience will not be satisfied if the reason for defeating Kaidou is just because Luffy's punch is so strong. Luffy and I have to find a solution somehow."

- Oda "ONE PIECE will be much more interesting in the future since I'm carefully selecting ideas these days.
Some people are seriously worried about my health, but don't be worried too much since I am quite tough."

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Re: Interview d'Oda

Message par Monkey D »

Merci Kdom ! Et encore une autre interview (merci à Sandman d'Arlong park :
Oda's long interview was revealed in a TV show today.

- Oda says ONE PIECE is about 70% done. (He said in another recent interview that ONE PIECE was 65% done, though...)

- When Oda held a Takoyaki party in his house, he was reported to police by his neighbors.

- Oda says he doesn't need diversion since he has to submit manga anyway before the deadline.

- The new setting notebook about ONE PIECE is produced almost every 3 weeks.

Here are another trivias revealed in ONE PIECE Great Newspaper Vol.2. and Kinema Junpou 2016 summer edition

- Oda decided to work with ONE PIECE Film because it was a good opportunity to increase his audience in manga.
The series is more than 80 volumes, so he thinks it might be difficult for some people to start reading ONE PIECE.
Oda also says that if he should realize in the future that ONE PIECE Film doesn't play an important role to increase his audience in manga, he would not work with films anymore.

- According to the former anime producer, when ONE PIECE anime was relegated to a morning TV show, Oda complained a bit, "I've already made much effort, though..."

- About this week's (Chapter 833) color spread, Oda predicted last December that he would like to draw Straw Hats watching fireworks since he was impressed at the fireworks in one of his favorite mangas "Your Lie in April".

source: TV show in December 2015 ("一流が嫉妬したスゴイ人")

According to Volume 777 written by Oda,

- Spandine's political power is weakening due to his disease. Spandam intends to cure him so that Spandam can surpass Lucci.

- Vice Admiral Chaton and Fujitora are friends. Chaton is popular among citizens despite him not being popular in Marine.
He loves beautiful women. His real name is Tokikake.

- Tsuru treats Vice Admiral Momousagi as if she is Tsuru's little sister. Momousagi can seduce various kinds of pirates.
Her famous sword is called Konpira (金毘羅). She has a spider tattoo on her thigh. Her real name is Gion.

- The average height of Giants is 12-13 meters. Oars in Thriller Bark is about 3 times higher than normal Giants.

- Oda writes the conversation between Sabo and Lucci:

Sabo: Bye, Bob!
Lucci: I'm Rob.

- Lucci is a chief commander of CP0 now!

source: Film Gold official guidebook "Backstage Pass"

According to the pamphlet of Film Gold and the official guidebook "Backstage Pass":

- There are sexy scenes in Film Gold, but Oda recently pays attention to his target audience's mothers since he thinks it is mainly mothers who bother to take their kids to theaters.
Oda is worried that sexy scenes might make bad impressions on their mothers.

- Oda doesn't like men wearing white outfits.

- Question: What would you do if you had vast amount of money?
Oda: I already have it, so...

- Oda doesn't want his characters to appear in film before manga. For example, Aokiji after time skip made an appearance in the film before manga.
Oda is disappointed with those situations since he thinks he could have surprised his audience if he let him appear in manga before the film.

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Re: Interview d'Oda

Message par skwid »

Merci pour les infos, messieurs !

Pour les nuits de 3h, je pense que c'est un peu un troll, façon légende urbaine. Mais c'est un avis personnel.

Par contre, il est terrible avec sa santé. "J'ai été hospitalisé, c'est cool, je vais bien, je vais boire de l'eau tiens". Après je sais pas trop ce qu'il a comme ennuis de santé, mais bon, il est clair qu'il tire sur la corde (pour notre plus grand plaisir ceci dit, je ne crache pas dans la soupe).

Enfin, j'ai pas tout compris avec Spandam et son père (il est encore là lui ?) ; mais Lucci a pris du grade encore, et ça ça claque ! J'aimerais bien le revoir tiens.

Par contre... 19 ans que le manga tourne, on en est aux deux tiers (65-70%... j'aime bien les gens qui pinaillent : "Quoiiii mais il avait dit 65% il y a pas longtemps ?"), ça veut dire que la fin serait dans environ 9 ans ? Mmmh, ça a un côté très lointain et très proche à la fois, dit comme ça.

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Re: Interview d'Oda

Message par gégé yokko »

Non pas 9 ans mais 6 (1/3 de 19 ans) ^^ De toute façon me semble clair qu'il reste grand maximum 5 arc majeurs celui en cours inclus. Donc 6/7 ans me semble plausible.
Burn in Hell Disney, just burn :evil

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Re: Interview d'Oda

Message par Nemesis »

Revois tes maths gégé, si 19 ans = 65% du manga, les 35% restant valent bien 9 ans environ :D

Oda voit la vie comme Luffy, c'est fou. Et vas-y que je sacrifie ma santé pour mes rêves.
J'espère que sa santé ne l'empêchera pas de finir OP comme il l'entend.