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[SPOIL] Chapitre #917 spoiler

Publié : mer. sept. 12, 2018 5:53 pm
par Lnanau
Merci theM

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Quick Summary
By redon

Little spoiler, more soon.

- We can see a farm where Kaido's subordinates collect food. One of that subordinates is a woman, the user or Horse Smile (her desing is amazing).
- Okiku says something about Jack, Luffy remember something about him and Zunisha.
- Hawkins and Law met each other but Law has a staw helmet in the face and Hawkins can't recognize him.
- The food from the farm arrive. Luffy saves Otama at full speed, Holdem can't see him. Zoro sends the food with Okiku and the Komainu to Otsuru shop.
- Lion's head from Holdem spit a fire ball. Luffy stops it and defeats Holdem easily. ... v8gy_o.png

Re: [SPOIL] Chapitre #917 spoiler

Publié : jeu. sept. 13, 2018 8:26 am
par Monkey D