Chapitre 899 spoiler

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Chapitre 899 spoiler

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Little summary.

- Tittle is "The last stronghold".
- In the cover a New Kyohei Pirates appears, he's Goldberg.
- People around all Big Mom territory are worried about the situation in Cacao Island.
- Bege leaves wedding cake in an island, Big Mom is in front of the cake.
- Judge protects the Sunny with his castle from Big Mom ships. He's injured with bandages in rigth eye.
- However new ships appears in front of them becouse they surround Cacao Island.
- Daifuku attacks Sunny with the genie but Sanji stops him.
- Something appears under the sea... It's Wadatsumi!!
- Sun pirates appears to help Mugiwara crew!!

No break next week. To celebrates One Piece chapter 900, Jump cover and Color Spread in next chapter!!!

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Re: Chapitre 899 spoiler

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899: The Final Fortress.

Peros is talking to the other crew members about their fate now that stopping Big Mom from eating the cake is essentially impossible. They have 3 options for how this plays out.

1) She eats the cake and dies, ending their pirate crew. 2) She eats the cake, the poison doesn't work, but it's awful so she wrecks the island anyway. 3) She eats the cake, the poison doesn't work, but it tastes amazing and they all live. (He says this is basically a miracle, and the only way they'll live.)

Peros: Be prepared....our fate lies on how delicious that cake tastes...!! Stussy and Morgans have escaped from the island already. People are preparing for the worst and trying to evacuate but there doesn't seem to be any chance or way to do so as Big Mom's power Prometheus looms over them. The people of Fuwarin town are cursing Chiffon for bringing the cake to them.

Big Mom arrives and everyone runs from the island. Luffy has arrived safely on the ship, and Chopper begins treatment on him. He makes it sound like they kept him waiting. Smoothie is really close now though, and is about to catch up when Judge launches an offensive at her crew.

Judge doesn't speak to Sanji, and instead asks Luffy how he could boldly walk into the territory of one of the yonkou just to save one person. He basically goes on about how Sanji's a failure and only good for cooking saying he has no pride as royalty. Luffy looks surprised --at first impression because he didn't know this about Sanji's past, but then he just thanks Judge for helping them leave and giving them back up. Totally ignoring Judge's question and pissing him off. He misunderstood Judge's words --he thought he was complimenting Sanji. Unfortunately they're completely surrounded now, and there's no way to escape. Daifuki attacks the mast and Carrot, but Sanji wards him off.

But then Wadatsumi appears and wrecks the opposing crew, as does Jinbe's pirate crew.


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Re: Chapitre 899 spoiler

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