[SPOIL] Interview d'Oda

Préfixé de [SPOIL] si nécessaire et sans informations dans le titre ;)
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Re: [SPOIL] Interview d'Oda

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Tu sais que certains trucs peuvent se gérer en même temps ?

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Re: [SPOIL] Interview d'Oda

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Ouais et ça en fait moins de contenu pour autant ? Pas vraiment. Pis bon le mec a traîné deux ans et demi sur une grosse vache anti charismatique et son crew de branquignoles ( avec l'un qui fait boullir de la flotte et la nana sweet comm qui fout rien) dont on retient la seule prestation de katakuri pour du coup rusher le reste. Car qui dit traitement ensemble dit sans doute gros raccourcis. J'en démords pas vu tout le taf encore à accomplir moins de 10 ans me parait inquiétant. En plus il vient juste de nous rajouter encore un truc de plus avec Im...Il compte l'exploiter à mon avis. Rien que le cas Teach même en le fusionnant avec celui de Shanks je vois pas ça en moins de 5 tomes. Vegapunk ça peut s'accoler aux révolutionnaires et du coup à leur conflit contre le GM. Conflit qu'ils devraient perdre, les révolutionnaires pour la simple et bonne raison que si Luffy trouve le One piece après la destitution du GM ça n'a plus de sens. Là ce sera du off screen pour ce conflit sauf si Vegapunk entre en action.
Le cas Supernova peut se régler en grande partie sur Wano. Bien que je pense que Kidd et Luffy vont se fritter sur Raftel.
Erbaf espérons que ce sera pas un arc homme poissons bis.
Il y'a aussi Weevil. Truc introduit aussi sur le tard. Truc qui pour le moment me semble totalement posé à la zob.
Plus récemment Ace revient sur le devant de la scène. Non je suis désolé, loin de commencer à fermer des portes, Oda n'a de cesse d'en ouvrir de nouvelles. Donc cette annonce me parait carrément à L'ouest, un comble puisqu'elle vient de L'est xD
Burn in Hell Disney, just burn :evil

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Re: [SPOIL] Interview d'Oda

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La trad de l'interview : https://edomonogatari.wordpress.com/201 ... chiro-oda/

Donc la partie sur Jinbe serait fake à priori...

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Re: [SPOIL] Interview d'Oda

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Je suis peut-être le seul à débarquer, mais "A Hollywood live-action project is in the works" c'est nouveau pour moi. Après, je m'attends assez à un truc façon Dragon Ball, qui sera plus un machin à oublier vite vite, mais bon. Quand même.

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Re: [SPOIL] Interview d'Oda

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Discusion entre Oda et Hirokishi (l'auteur de My Hero Academia) :

Merci à Bomber D Rufi pour la traduction :

https://www.reddit.com/r/BokuNoHeroAcad ... ts/94i41l/
ohei Horikoshi and Eiichiro Oda special interview.

Translation by Bomber D. Rufi

The man that Horikoshi looks up to –Eiichiro Oda. In 16 years the boy now walks shoulder to shoulder with his hero as a “serialized artist”. What kind of conversation will they have now that they're here?

Having an extreme formative experience in manga (comics):

In the illustration corner of “One Piece” Twenty Third Volume: Usopp Gallery Pirates, is where the two made first contact. Horikoshi-sensei, how did you feel about having your work published for the first time?

ODA: That was a good volume. It was the last for Alabasta, with the famous “Proof of Friendship” scene.

HORIKOSHI: I was shaken.


HORIKOSHI: Yes. I believe that was when I was in high school, and to discover that one of my drawings was printed there on the page caused me to break out in the shakes. I was still shaken when I showed my mom the picture too.

ODA: It's good you're close to your family. (Laughs).

How many drawings had you contributed?

HORIKOSHI: Just the one.

Incredible! What made you decide to send it?


(Side text- Young Horikoshi meets his hero.)

HORIKOSHI: My friend and I love One Piece so we both decided to send artwork in. We both drew incredible things, but only mine made it into the gallery.

ODA: It's as if you were the one to get the green light at an idol audition. (Laugh.)

HORIKOSHI: Are you the one who writes the commentary, Oda-sensei?

(Side text- My name has been engraved into “One Piece” for eternity!)

ODA: Yup, I do. I write it as Usopp.

HORIKOSHI: I'm so thankful....ahh, I mean overjoyed.

I think it's incredible you managed to make it in with just one submission. Did this experience affect your life as a mangaka? HORIKOSHI: To be honest I was quite satisfied with that drawing....(laughs).

ODA: Oh in a “My art was good enough to be published” way?

HORIKOSHI: No, more like a “Wow it was published! Now my name will be carved into One Piece for eternity!!” Sort of thing. I was totally satisfied with just that.

Everyone laughs.

ODA: I wonder if it would have been better if you were more frustrated (laughs).

Might you have been more inspired if it had been rejected instead?

HORIKOSHI: No, no, it took a bit of time but I did believe that I should take manga more seriously.

You mean between the experience of success and the actual feeling of making it?


ODA: At the time, social media hadn't yet become widespread, so there weren't as many opportunities to give people a place to display their artwork. So that's why having it published in print gives me a strange sense of happiness. Even I like to give as many opportunities as possible to show off people's artworks on that page I've created.

Inquiring about the confession five years into serialization.

Horikoshi-sensei, you were able to tell Oda-sensei about the artwork in 2015, after quite a bit of time had passed, right?

ODA: Even before “HeroAca” was serialized we met at New years parties, right? Although you hadn't yet had a “hit” right?

Oda-sensei at that point you were in volume 77 of One piece..


And you wrote “You should have said something sooner!” (Laughs.)

ODA: That's right! You shouldn't have been so reserved!

HORIKOSHI: I was just too embarrassed. For me to speak up about something like that when my serializations were in the back of the magazine...even if I had the opportunity it just didn't feel right.

ODA: I see, that might have been the right decision. It'd be more helpful for me to cheer you on if you had a manga currently serialized. (laughs.) So you spoke up because now you had the pride of serializing a hit manga then?

Horikoshi: Hmmmm....

--Shouldn't you be more proud of your achievement? (Laugh.)

HORIKOSHI: Where you say pride, I more feel embarrassment.

(Side text- So you spoke up because now you had the pride of serializing a hit manga then?)

Any Oda-isms that have had a huge influences on you?

--Horikoshi-sensei has One Piece had any influences on you?

HORIKOSHI: How do I put this...I suppose having characters say things that I feel naturally is one influence I've taken from One Piece.

ODA: Well, when I first started serialization, things were different –a character saying things that Luffy does was seen as embarrassing.

HORIKOSHI: Ohh? But it feels like everyone in my age group was writing like that.

ODA: That makes me happy. Back then I was pretty young and it felt like I was rebelling against current fads. Back then it was pretty popular for girls hair to be braided inward, so I did the opposite when I drew.


--So you proceeded by doing the opposite of the opposite?

ODA: It just didn't feel right to me unless it stood out. At the time I was told a lot that my art was really weird, so I didn't dare to dream that anyone would be influenced by me in later years.

HORIKOSHI: I was influenced by how your characters have very small eyes. However I couldn't quite draw it all that well and had a lot of trouble....So lately I've been drawing them a little bigger than before (laughs).

ODA: I've been doing the same thing (laughs).

--Horikoshi-sensei has One Piece influenced you in any other areas –aside from artwork?

HORIKOSHI: I love the Arlong Arc. Especially the exchange (between Luffy and Nami) “Help me...” and “Of course!!” I thought that part was especially cool, and I wanted to draw a Luffy like protagonist. Oh and this week's One Piece chapter was crazy good. (Jump has a scattered turnover)

--Lots of past characters showed up during the Reverie, huh?

ODA: It was pretty shocking huh? (Laughs) The serialization has gone for a long time so I'm able to have characters who appeared in the past show up again, but there are probably many readers of Jump who don't quite get what's going on. Maybe the people who read by volume are deeply familiar with what's going on, but those who read Jump probably haven't read everything...


ODA: So I had to include the past events so they wouldn't miss anything.

HORIKOSHI: Huh? Does that happen?

ODA: Quite often, to a surprising extent. When they aren't doing the polls it's like “I'm so happy that this character is popular!” And then when I draw them people say “I don't know who this is.” (Laugh).


ODA: When the serialization runs long those things happen.

--The one who's easiest to draw is not surprising oneself.

Oda-sensei what are your impressions of Horikoshi-sensei?

ODA: As the face of the next generation of big hit hero artists.

HORIKOSHI: I can't believe that.

ODA: My daughter will happily sing the “HeroAca” anime theme songs on bus outings, and it'll get everyone in a good mood. At home she'll ask “Dad is your manga going to be okay” She's really worried about One Piece.

HORIKOSHI: I'm thankful to hear that, but it's a bit....(laughs).

(Side text- My daughter will happily sing the “HeroAca” anime theme songs on bus outings, and it'll get everyone in a good mood.)

ODA: But I am a little concerned since it's a manga with a lot of characters.

--Why's that?

ODA: When there are a lot of characters to draw it gets difficult to unify the work as a whole, and properly, but if you are able to properly establish and understand the characters then the work will be a hit. It can lead to a lot of needless anxiety. I will say this though, I've always been impressed by Horikoshi-sensei's comic covers. They look great, and the sense of style is on point –and you're able to come up with some very good ones.

HORIKOSHI: Thank you so much that makes me so ridiculously happy.

ODA: What do you use to color them?

HORIKOSHI: Photoshop.

ODA: Oh so you use computers?

HORIKOSHI: Yes, I did get a little tired of using them so for volume 18's cover I went back to using analog (hand painting) it was overwhelmingly fun.

ODA: You like American Comics right? Your style of artwork is influenced by them.

HORIKOSHI: Yeah. I've read all of “Spiderman” and “Deadpool”.

--And what about character personalities?

HORIKOSHI: Ah, for this Oda-sensei is a huge influence. I thought to myself “I really want to draw a lively character like Luffy!!” But in the end I ended up drawing a character nothing like him and more like myself –an otaku who has a penchant for over analysis.


(Top text- A Shikishi that Oda-sensei drew ahead of time. To keep from dirtying Luffy, Horikoshi carefully draws beside him.)

HORIKOSHI: and at the end of that, just a bit of brightness added in for good measure which harmonizes into Deku the protagonist.

--The relationship between weekly manga artists and movies.

--How were you involved in this movie?

HORIKOSHI: I was involved and contributed to the script phase, and did the final character designs. If I had more time to, I would have done more.

ODA: If I said something like that (laughs) it would be endless. From the start, I said that the weekly serialization is most important to me, and I didn't want to do anything to disturb it.

HORIKOSHI: M—My stomach hurt. I thoughtlessly said “I want to do more”....

--This is the first movie for HeroAca. At the time it was confirmed how did you feel?

HORIKOSHI: I was really happy. I thought that getting an anime confirmed was the peak of my happiness –my dreams had come true. I really didn't think I'd get anymore than that so when they said the series would get a movie, I was like “Seriously?! No way!!”

ODA: I attended the screening on the morning of it's premiere and was moved by all the people lined up to see it.

HORIKOSHI: You were in the audience....

ODA: But I wasn't really able to talk to any of my readers live there.

(Side text- I was really happy. I thought that getting an anime confirmed was the peak of my happiness –my dreams had come true. I really didn't think I'd get anymore than that.)

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Re: [SPOIL] Interview d'Oda

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Pour ceux qui l'ignorerait,une statue de Luffy a été inauguré le 30 novembre dans la préfecture de Kumamoto (ville natale d'Oda)


Trad du texte (merci à Sandman d'arlongpark) :
Oda: Luffy's statue will be displayed!!
I'm super-excited about this news! I thought such an honorable opportunity would be given
to only those legendary national mangakas around the age of 70 who have a 50-year-serialization.

Actually I was recently awarded Prefecture Honor Award from Kumamoto, my hometown.
The prize winners are supposed to plant a tree in front of Prefecture Office, but since I'm a mangaka,
they kindly decided to build Luffy's statue. I guess it will take about an hour to arrive there by car from Kumamoto Airport.

OMG!! A celebration statue!! The statue will be publicly displayed at the unveiling ceremony on November 30th.
An event will be held as well. The quality of the statue is awesome! It will be proudly displayed in a promenade in front of Kumamoto Prefectural Office.

It's not common that someone has a kindness to build a statue for you. I'm thankful to my hometown.
If you travel Kumamoto, be sure to take a pic with Luffy's statue!!

2 years have passed since the large earthquake hit Kumamoto. In the meantime, another disasters hit some areas in Japan.
We need to do what we can to help those victims. It would be great if the number of tourists to Kumamoto will increase through this Luffy's statue!

Finally, Luffy's statue will be displayed! I'd appreciate it if you enjoy it for a long time!!

*Luffy says, "My statue? Really!? Thank you !!"

*Sadly some Kumamoto citizens were against the idea of spending $0.1 2 million prefecture money on this statue,
but after the fact that Oda made a donation of about $7 million (800 million yen) to Kumamoto was revealed, the naysayers became silent.


As you know, full name of ONE PIECE author is Eiichiro Oda. First name is usually given by parents in Japan.
Then, what does "Eiichiro" (栄一郎) mean in Japanese? Ei (栄) means glory (flourish) and Ichiro (一郎) is a common name for a first-born son.
FYI, Akira Toriyma's first name Akira (明) means bright/wise.

Oda's parents must be happy about their son being "glorious" mangaka just like his own name.
3 days ago, Luffy's statue started being displayed near Kumamoto prefecture office, Oda's hometown.
Oda's parents made comments about this statue.

Oda's father: It'd be great if everybody is glad about Luffy's statue. Hopefully this statue will become famous all over the world.
(The latter part translation is ambiguous. Maybe Oda's father is hoping that Kumamoto people will succeed globally like ONE PIECE.)

Oda's mother: My son is saying that he will keep supporting Kumamoto. I'd appreciate it if people love Luffy's statue for a long time.

*Oda's father is good at Western painting style.